The Doberman Gang

The Doberman has been the victim of typecasting and doesn’t deserve its image as a dangerous dog. The Doberman Gang movie and the subsequent sequels The Daring Dobermans and The Amazing Dobermans certainly haven’t helped.

The remake of The Doberman Gang is based on the 70s trilogy about six dogs trained to rob banks, only to turn the tables and become crime fighters. Producer Darren Reagan has pursued remake rights to the franchise for 15 years. He calls it “a great core concept—‘Ocean’s Eleven with dogs.’”

Reagan secured a deal in 2010 and approached Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan to partner on the project. “I knew that Cesar Millan was a big fan of the movies and decided that if you’re making a movie about dogs, it’s not a bad idea to have the ‘Dog Whisperer’ in your corner,” Reagan says.

Regan and Millan are “staying true to the key elements that make the ‘Doberman Gang’ brand unique, while making some changes,” Reagan says, “primarily focused on developing the dogs’ individual characters and making them the heroes of the story.”

I guess there will be a script rewrite then and not too many lines like “Clockwork canines trained to rip off banks with mechanical precision and rip up anybody who gets in the way.” The impression I get is that this will be a ‘G’ rated movie for the whole family. With dog whisperer Cesar Millan involved in the remake of The Doberman Gang there is hope of the breed getting a reprieve.

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